First plugin released to the wild

Huzzah. My Logged In Conditional Text Widget is now public on WP Extend.

This was inspired by this topic.

The code is not particularly polished (there’s an obvious inelegance in the way the two widgets are coded), so I’ve slapped a 0.9 tag on it. It is working well right now on a live site, so don’t let the pre-1.0 put you off actually using it.

Hello world!

Hi. I’m a developer of various things – websites, iOS apps, eBooks and games. Much of what I achieve is done by standing on the shoulders of giants, by leveraging code that is open-source or otherwise freely reusable. And indeed, by reusing my own prior work.

Whilst much of what I complete is heavily customised to the needs of a particular client, there are some things that can be shared back with the world and so I’ve started this website as a general home for stuff that I release back to the world.

Don’t get too excited, it’s mostly just some super-simple WordPress plugins.

This site therefore complements my main personal website at Why two sites? Well, mainly because it simplifies licencing considerations. You can take almost anything from this website and use it in your own stuff without needing permission first. (Sole current exception: the theme.) If you find anything of worth on my then you have to ask me before you reuse it elsewhere.