First plugin released to the wild

Huzzah. My Logged In Conditional Text Widget is now public on WP Extend.

This was inspired by this topic.

The code is not particularly polished (there’s an obvious inelegance in the way the two widgets are coded), so I’ve slapped a 0.9 tag on it. It is working well right now on a live site, so don’t let the pre-1.0 put you off actually using it.


First plugin released to the wild — 2 Comments

  1. Great plugin but it would be really nice to see it work without the need for bbPress. I would pay for that for sure. There are so many applications for it in online marketing circles. Keep up the good work

    • Hi. This very simple plugin does not actually require bbPress – however with a forum you’re more likely to have logged in and not logged in users seeing the same page, and thus have a need for it. I will make this clearer going forward.

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